How I Discovered Analog by Caitlin Scott

How I Discovered Analog – by Caitlin Scott

Today I’d like to welcome guest blogger Caitlin Scott. Cailtin is the face/person behind ‘Sunshine and Stationery’. She’s an avid Bullet Journalist, fan of the calendex and a lefty (like myself, fight the power) who does calligraphy! I can’t stress how impressive this is. Caitlin has built a solid following on her youtube channel, which I encourage you to subscribe to, and also instagram
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Rhodia Heritage Notebook Review

Limited Edition Rhodia Heritage A5 Notebook Review

Do I have a treat for you guys!! There’s a new range of Notepads out from Rhodia… The Heritage Range. The guys over at Bureau Direct very kindly sent me one to review and I’m ashamed to admit, that this is my first Rhodia product. Regardless, I’m sooooo glad this was sent to me as I’ve heard a lot of great things about Rhodia items in general and for this to be my first one is an awesome
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The best 'worst' pencil jokes from around the web - Discover Analog

The best ‘worst’ pencil jokes from around the web.

A Bit Of Fun In This Post… Enjoy 🙂 – A policeman came up to me with a pencil and a piece of very thin paper. He said, ‘I want you to trace someone for me.’ – Do you know who won when the Pencil Rugby Club played the Pen Rugby Club? Neither, it was a draw. – Broken pencils are pointless. – A friend of mine got engaged to a pencil. He was really excited to introduce his friends to his brid
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How writing is good for the mind - Discover Analog

How writing is good for the mind

I’ve been writing or journaling now, as a conscious effort to organise my thoughts and ‘projects’ since 2014. It has become one of my most valuable outlets for creativity and provides calmness and order to a would be hectic mess in my head. Many people I’ve spoken to say they used to journal as a child or young teen but eventually stopped. Why I’m not entirely sure. But it’s a damn
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Kurutoga ADVANCE mechanical pencil review

Uni Kuru Toga ADVANCE Mechanical Pencil Review

I only found out about the Kuru Toga ADVANCE about 2 weeks ago and was immediately intrigued. I already own the UniBall Kuru Toga which I love and have already written about it, here’s my Uni Kuru Toga Review. I love everything about the Uni Kuru Toga so I was definitely excited to see how this new version stacked up and how the ingenious kuru toga engine has improved for this new Kurutoga ADVANCE. And it has a
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Darkstar Collection Pocket Notebook Review

Darkstar Collection Pocket Notebook Review

I only came across these Darkstar Collection pocket notebooks very recently when Stu from Pocketnotebooks.co.uk announced on instagram that he had them in stock. They really peaked my intrigue due to their dashing good looks and simple design. Then after reading a bit of background I was even more inclined to get some when I found out they were made here in the UK, Wales to be exact. The item I have and is featuring
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Discover Analog why I love mechanical pencils

Why I love Mechanical pencils

Why I love Mechanical Pencils I love mechanical pencils and I feel they get a lot of unnecessary stick from the pencil community so I’m going to fly the mechanical pencil flag and show them some love! I first really began getting into mechanical pencils during my graphic design studies. Up till then I had only ever used really cheap ones which were absolute crap. My first real good one was a Pentel p205, a fixe
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Pentel Graphgear 1000 Review

Pentel Graphgear 1000 review

Welcome to my Pentel Graphgear 1000 review. Is it the best in class? Let’s see… After looking high and low for a new mechanical pencil that met my (very specific) criteria I stumbled across the Pentel Graphgear 1000. I can’t remember where exactly but it may have happened during a google search where I found an image of one and thought to myself… hmmm is that a pencil? It looks like a bit of machinery. Pe
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