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Kurutoga ADVANCE mechanical pencil review

Uni Kuru Toga ADVANCE Mechanical Pencil Review

I only found out about the Kuru Toga ADVANCE about 2 weeks ago and was immediately intrigued. I already own the UniBall Kuru Toga which I love and have already written about it, here’s my Uni Kuru Toga Review. I love everything about the Uni Kuru Toga so I was definitely excited to see how this new version stacked up and how the ingenious kuru toga engine has improved for this new Kurutoga ADVANCE. And it has a
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Discover Analog why I love mechanical pencils

Why I love Mechanical pencils

Why I love Mechanical Pencils I love mechanical pencils and I feel they get a lot of unnecessary stick from the pencil community so I’m going to fly the mechanical pencil flag and show them some love! I first really began getting into mechanical pencils during my graphic design studies. Up till then I had only ever used really cheap ones which were absolute crap. My first real good one was a Pentel p205, a fixe
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