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How I discovered Analog by Stuart Lennon

How I Discovered Analog – by Stuart Lennon

This week on Discover Analog I’m proud to announce our next contributor, Stuart Lennon. Stu and I became acquainted online after I got in touch to congratulate him on his takeover of pocketnotebooks.co.uk Stu has breathed a new lease of life into Pocket Notebooks and is doing a great job so far of supplying awesome analog tools by quality brands. Let’s find out more about his analog journey… So Stua
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Guest post eraser header by Thomas Scholtyssek

How I Discovered Analog – by Thomas Scholtyssek

It’s my pleasure to introduce THE FIRST guest blogger on Discover Analog, Thomas Scholtyssek. Thomas is a digital consultant and conceptual designer. Besides that, he’s a recreational Bonsai gardener. (I never knew this was a thing!). I first came across Thomas on twitter after seeing his enthusiasm for analog tools and I had to reach out and ask if he would share his story with other stationery fans, so 
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