10 ways a Bullet Journal can improve your life

10 ways keeping a Bullet Journal can improve your life.

There’s an absolute plethora of things you can track or store in your Bullet Journal and since starting mine in 2013, it has helped me more than I ever thought it would. For me, the initial draw of the Bullet Journal was that it didn’t have a screen. I work on computers building websites so I can spend hours staring at pixels and used to do an embarrassing amount of research into how to organise my life a
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New Logo!

Hi everyone! I have a new logo rolling out across the web. The original black and white logo was always a placeholder until I had time to design one I was truly happy with. I began to sketch out some ideas and decided early on that I wanted to somehow use the ‘DA’ as the main logo with a hidden easter egg. To the unsuspecting observer the suggestion of a pen/pencil can be found hidden within the design so
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